Your Custom Furniture Projects

Do you need to manufacture custom furniture? You are in the right place. PAROTAS puts at your service the people and the necessary experience to manage your custom furniture project in Mexico.

Our team guides you through the process, from the idea to the delivered product, analyzing the functionality, materials, dimensions and construction details of each piece of furniture. We are specialized in restaurant, hotel, residential and office furniture in North America (Mexico, the United States and Canada).

Contract Furniture Projects

PAROTAS produces contract furniture for professional projects, focusing on sustainability and modern design. We have a creative team of designers, carpenters and furniture craftsmen capable of making the most demanding designs come true. We produce contract furniture for architects, interior designers, designers, contractors and decorators from Mexico, the United States and other countries.

When required, our team, with experience in custom furniture design, supports the client with technical drawings based on specific requirements, including 2D drawings and 3D renders. Whatever the scope of your project, our specialists will guide you to respond to your requests and ensure your complete satisfaction with the results.

Home and Residential Furniture Projects

Before sending a quote request, we kindly advise you to read this brief guide to quote your custom furniture. Here you can find several aspects you need to consider when you want to obtain a furniture quote.

Before buying your furniture, it is important that you check the available space in each room of your home where you want to put a new piece of furniture, and that you calculate the size of your furniture so that they are proportional and comfortable, respecting the minimum distances and spaces for passage or transit. To quote a piece of furniture it is necessary to know the exact dimensions that best suit you.
The style of each person or family is very personal and fitting a house with furniture that represents that style can be an effort to search and study all the available options. Save reference images and share them with us to learn your style and provide consistent design options. Include a description when requesting a quote.
Normally, each piece of furniture has a destination and a function in the home and each space in it. It is important to take into account what you will use your furniture for and what are the materials that will best perform that job. For example, if the furniture will be decorative or very functional, if it will be used daily or only occasionally. To quote, indicate what you will use the furniture for and the materials you liked the most.
There are many types of finish for each material and these finishes can change the appearance of the furniture. From natural oils, to paints, lacquers and varnishes for wood or blacksmithing; or different fabrics and natural, synthetic or recycled leathers for the upholstery. For example, the same finish will not be applied if your furniture is outdoor or indoor, nor will the upholstery be the same.
Never forget, all furniture, especially wooden ones, needs some kind of maintenance. Before purchasing a piece of furniture, it is important to consult the maintenance characteristics recommended by the manufacturer, so that when you already have the piece of furniture in your home, you know exactly how to care for and preserve the piece of furniture so that it is in perfect condition for as long as possible. You can read an article here on the care and conservation of wooden furniture.

Carpentry, Blacksmithing and Other Materials

Each of our creations is the result of a skillful combination of top quality materials. Thanks to our sourcing of reputable distributors in the industry, we offer you an impressive variety of species of Mexican and imported woods, dyes, metals, leathers and fabrics. Our artisans also work with your upholstery materials to deliver furniture that matches an existing décor.

Wooden Furniture Samples - Customer's furniture

Dining Tables

Wooden dining tables

Side Tables

Wooden side tables

Stools and Benches

Wooden stools and benches

Coffee Tables

Wooden coffee tebles

Credenzas and Consoles

Wooden credenzas and consoles

Beds and Headboards

Bed bases and headboards

Bar Tables

Wooden bar tables or high tables

Dining Chairs

Wooden chairs with upholstery

Outdoor Furniture

Terrace and garden furniture

Contact with PAROTAS to quote your custom furniture project

If you want to obtain a quote for furniture tailored to your interior or exterior project, do not hesitate to contact us providing all the information about the furniture: description of the project and the furniture, materials, dimensions, finishes, etc.

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