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Residential furniture is, along with interior architecture, a key factor in creating the most suitable environment for the people who inhabit it. PAROTAS manufactures custom design residential furniture: tables, chairs, beds, closets, kitchens, bathroom furniture, TV furniture and other auxiliary furniture, which adapt to the specifications and styles that your home needs.

Our selection of woods, veneers and laminates includes a variety of finishes and qualities, which are selected based on the requirements of the end customer. We use resistant and easy-to-clean materials for functional and luxury residences that withstand the activity and wear and tear of any home or inhabited space. Contact us to request information on residential furniture designs and materials.

Residential Furniture, Credenza and Consoles
Residential Furniture, Credenza and Consoles

Custom design residential furniture

PAROTAS works with residential furniture designers, interior designers, interior architects, and also the owners of the houses that are being decorated, in residential furniture projects for their homes. We review the ideas and plans provided by the client, or we prepare custom shop drawings, based on the styles and concepts, and we make the necessary construction recommendations to satisfy the most demanding manufacturing demand and that these residential furniture become into a functional and satisfying reality.

PAROTAS cares about the size of your house and the budget you have, we manufacture residential furniture with different options of materials and finishes, carrying out projects of all sizes. Our team accumulates a great individual and collective experience in the manufacture of furniture and carpentry for residential, which is at your disposal to advise you and not exceed your budget.

Residential Furniture, tables and chairs
Residential Furniture, tables and chairs

Residential Furniture, Tables and Chairs

Residential dining tables and chairs must be sturdy and durable. The manufacture of tables and chairs can be made in a wide variety of styles and designs to adapt to the theme and decoration of any house or room in the residential. Our furniture complements the design of both classic and traditional houses as well as modern and minimalist homes. No matter what your current decor is, we can make the furniture you need.

Residential Furniture. Side tables
Residential Furniture. Side tables

Instalaciones and other residential furniture

The ambiance and theme of your home are one of the most important considerations when shopping for furniture. PAROTAS offers residential furniture installation services to clients in any state throughout the Republic. When a residential project reaches the point of completing the interior design, you will need an ally like PAROTAS with the experience to install the furniture and carpentry efficiently.

Recycled residential furniture

If what you want is to update your current home furniture: dining table, dining chairs, armchairs, armchairs, living rooms, closets, kitchens, etc. At PAROTAS we can help you update your furniture and adapt it to the new style or design of your home.

Set of two round parota wood coffee tables with metal legs
Residential furniture –  set of two round parota wood coffee tables with metal legs

Sustainable residential furniture

PAROTAS is aware that the world needs an increasingly sustainable and ecological mentality, that is why we assume our share of social and individual responsibility when we manufacture residential furniture, whether it is a house or apartment, in the city or on the beach, applying standards sustainable from the purchase and recycling, to the processes of production, delivery and installation of furniture in your home.

PAROTAS works with sawmills that care about the environment and the sustainability of the forest areas where they are located and that comply with all existing legislation and certifications required by government authorities for the felling, transportation and export of national wood that we use in residential furniture.

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