Wood Dining Tables

modern wood dining table Mexico
Modern Wood Table
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The striking grain of natural wood converts any dining table into a simple masterpiece. PAROTAS modernizes its wooden table designs using sleek lines, contemporary concepts, and custom wood cuts.

We focus on enhancing the natural elements of the wood, alongside high-quality production. Contact PAROTAS to enquire about your custom design or our wooden table collections.

Wooden Dining Table Designs and Projects

Wood tablesPAROTAS’ wooden tables are designed to be a focal point in your dining room. Alongside our modern wood table collections, we can custom-make a range of contemporary bases to support natural wood table tops, giving designers more variety to conceptualize modern wood table designs.

PAROTAS works with materials such as iron, chrome, bronze and golden finishes, as well as unique techniques such as illuminance and carbonized wood. Functional features, such as hidden storage, can be added to meet clients’ specifications.

PAROTAS’ wood table collections are finished with a blend of natural oils, which highlight parota’s natural coloring and moderate luster, as well as provide a safer and less-toxic product for the environment. Maintenance is a matter of reapplying oil, enabling our wood tables to retain functionality without compromising design.

Contractors and home designers can visualize a wide variety of wooden table and chair designs, incorporating benches, stools, and trunk cuts. Seating can be made-to-order to match your wooden table.

Natural Solid Wood Dining Tables

Horizontal wood cuts expose the smooth, grainy lines that are iconic to your chosen wood. Our selection of relatively fast-growing trees provides us with wood that is typically lighter, making it ideal for large-size solid wood tables.

solid wood dining table

Round Wooden Tables

Cross-sectional cuts of your chosen tree can be used to create round solid wooden tables that emphasize the circular wood grain. However, with natural cuts, the size of your wooden table is limited by the diameter of the tree. For larger tables, wood panels are a better choice.

Natural Wood Table

Glass & Wood Dining Tables

Glass dining tables create a lens to see the artistic sculptures made from sleek wooden bases. A number of modern bases can be put on show under your glass dining table, including bases made from intricate root systems which can be custom-ordered.

Sustainably Sourced Wooden Tables

We work with a number of different types of wood, depending on your design aesthetic and budget.

All of PAROTAS’ wooden dining tables are sourced using certified wood.

We recommend reading our guide on calculating the best dining table size for your room.

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