Wooden Side Tables

Function and design come together in PAROTAS’ wooden side tables designs, combining sharp lines and sleek finishes. The striking parota grain becomes the feature in our wood nightstand collections when we treat it with our unique blend of natural oils.

The neutral tones of wooden side tables blend with even the most ambitious colour schemes, whether you need to calm a complex room design or boost a minimalistic bedhead with a standout feature. Contractors, architects home designers can contact PAROTAS to produce custom designs.

Modern wooden side tables

PAROTAS’ modern wooden side tables combine simplicity and elegance to complement modern furniture. Functional features can be implemented to create wooden nightstands with storage, hidden compartments, drawers, shelves or cable outlets, as well as unique techniques such as luminescence and carbonized wood.

PAROTAS finishes its wooden side tables with a blend of natural oils that maintains the wood’s moderately natural lustre with minimal maintenance, besides being a safer product for your design environment.

Parota wooden side tables can be made to meet contractors’ and home designers’ specifications or chosen from our modern side table collections, created by an international team of designers and produced in Mexico.

Wood NightstandSolid wood side tables

Live edge wood can be specifically sourced to create solid wooden side tables, giving designers more room to incorporate parota’s striking two-tone colouring, the creamy sapwood that is distinctively demarcated from the golden-brown heartwood.

Due to parota’s grand size, side table designs can also be integrated into single cuts of parota up to several meters to create single-piece wooden headboards. Matching solid wood dressers can also be made to order in certain designs.

Metal and wood side tables

Wooden side tables can be fitted with a range of contemporary fixtures, including iron, chrome, gold and bronze finishes. The neutral colours of parota wood nightstands make them easy to pair with a versatile range of colour schemes, styles and other furniture elements.

Wooden side tables, sustainably sourced

All of PAROTAS’ wooden side tables are made using certified wood by Mexican suppliers who work under government environmental protection schemes. Parota is a fast-growing wood that thrives in tropical zones in Mexico and Central Mexico – where it is known as guanacaste – and is not listed as a threatened species. All wood cuts used in our wooden side table designs are custom-selected to ensure the best quality, colouring and grain patterns.

Contractors, architects and home designers can contact PAROTAS to discuss options, sizes and prices for custom-designed wooden nightstands, or order individual or multiple wooden side tables from our modern collections. Learn about the color and texture of parota wood.


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