Wooden Beds & Headboards

PAROTAS’ wooden beds and headboards bring an organic element to any bedroom design. We focus on modern sleek designs that emphasize striking wood grains.

King, Queen, and Single headboards can be made to any measurement, including up to full-wall wooden headboards with integrated nightstands. Live edge wood can also be custom ordered, which allows contractors and home designers to create one-of-a-kind headboards from a single piece of wood.

Contractors and home designers can contact PAROTAS to get a free quote for your custom wooden bedroom design.

Modern Wood Bed Designs

The neutral coloring of wood makes it is easy to match with a wide range of bedroom furniture and incorporate into modern designs.

The large size and fast-growing properties of certain trees enable contractors and home designers to visualize a range of ambitious wooden bed designs, including single-piece wooden headboards up to several meters long with spectacular live edges.

Solid wood headboards with live edges typically have a two-tone coloring: creamy sapwood that is uniquely demarcated from the golden-brown heartwood. For a homogeneous color, only the heartwood is used.

PAROTAS enhances the unique beauty of the wood grain with a mix of natural oils, which also ensures a safer sleep environment. Using natural oils enables our headboards to maintain the wood’s natural luster for many years, with low maintenance and environmentally friendly products.

modern custom wood headboard mexico

Wooden Headboards & Bed Frames

PAROTAS produces a range of contemporary wooden headboards, incorporating smooth finishes and sleek lines. The simple beauty of wooden bed frames revolves around the wood’s distinctive grain and minimalistic design concepts.

unique custom wood bed designs mexico

Queen Wood Headboards

Our wooden queen headboards are an understated way to implement an eye-catching feature into your bedroom design. Queen wooden headboards can be made to any specified size or to fit the standard bed sizes in your country.

A standard queen headboard is around 62 inches (158cm) in length; standard headboard width is typically up to 3 inches (8cm) wider than the bed frame, with average heights ranging between 14 to 29 inches (35–75cm) above the mattress.

For extended wooden headboards, a general guideline is to double the bed frame width or the combined length of the headboard and nightstands.

queen bedhead wood modern design

King Wood Headboards

Sweeping, long cuts of wood make show-stopping king headboards. Home designers and contractors can conceptualize king-size headboard designs from standard sizes – around 80 inches (203cm) long – up to full-wall designs of several meters.

Due to faster growth, some woods are more lightweight – for example, parota wood is almost half the dried weight of oak – which is ideal for long or king wooden headboards, as well as wall-mounted wooden headboards.

parota live wood king headboard

Wooden Beds, Made in Mexico

All of PAROTAS’ wooden beds are made in Mexico using certified wood. This exotic hardwood grows abundantly in tropical and humid areas in Mexico and Central America, where it is also known as guanacaste. It is commonly used for reforestation and not listed as a threatened species, making it a sustainable resource for producing large-size or multiple wooden bed designs.

PAROTAS produces wooden bed designs and headboards to meet contractors’ and home designers’ specifications, as well as produces individual or multiple orders from our wooden bed collections.

wood headboard bedroom furniture mexico

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