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PAROTAS brings together funcionality and design in their wooden stool collections. The beauty of our wooden stools relies on the distinctive parota grain and colouring, alongside sharp lines and modern design concepts.

Contractors, architects and home designers can also contact PAROTAS to enquire about producing custom designs, besides individual or multiple orders from our wooden stool collections.

Modern wooden stools

PAROTAS creates modern stool collections by incorporating sleek wood cuts with a range of materials, as well as offering unique features such as luminescence and carbonized wood. We can also custom-make stools to match any wooden table design.

Wooden StoolPAROTAS uses a unique blend of natural oils to protect its wooden stools, producing a matte surface that elegantly withstands daily use and is easily maintained with reapplications of oil.

Wooden bar stools

Using natural cuts allows contractors and designers to work with parota’s iconic two-tone colouring, a creamy sapwood and golden-brown heartwood. The mix of neutral colours and distinctive grain make parota a versatile material for creating understated yet striking wood stools. The large scale of the parota tree also provides more variety when choosing custom wood cuts.

Small wooden stools

PAROTAS produces a range of small wooden stools, from table height stools of around 16–23 inches (40–60cm) and smaller. We also produce a collection of wooden counter stools that can be altered to lower heights.

Wooden StoolsWood counter stools

PAROTAS’ wooden counter stools are set at the standard height, although we can create wooden counter stools to meet clients’ specifications. Counter height stools typically range from 24–26 inches (60–65cm) from the floor for tables around 34–36 inches (85–90cm) high.

Wooden bar stools are generally taller, approximately 29–31 inches (75–80cm) from the ground for wood countertops or bar tables set at a height of 40–42 inches (100cm+).

Metal and wood stools

Contractors, architects and home designers can conceptualize a wide range of metal and wood stools, using either external metal decoration or metal base structures. Metal and wooden stools can be finished in a variety of colours, such as chrome, black, bronze and golden finishes.

Wooden stools, sustainably sourced

Sustainability is important to PAROTAS and drives us to produce wooden stools using certified wood from Mexican providers working under environmental schemes. The parota tree – also known as guanacaste – can reach large sizes in a relatively quick time, growing abundantly in tropical zones in Mexico and Central America. These qualities make it a sustainable resource for producing wooden stools and large-scale design projects, besides parota not being listed as a threatened hardwood species.

PAROTAS produces a range of modern wooden stools in their design collections, as well as produces custom-orders. You can contact us for any questions on design options, sizes and prices. PAROTAS offers a door-to-door service and can work with contractors and home designers to realize large-scale design projects. Learn about the color and texture of wood.

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