Wooden Bar & Restaurant Tables

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PAROTAS adds modern design to their wooden bar tables through sleek lines, contemporary angles and minimalistic concepts. PAROTAS’ wooden bar table designs can be adapted for bar, cafe, restaurant and home projects.

The striking parota wood allows contractors and designers to conceptualize unique wooden bar tables, relying on the simplistic beauty of the parota wood grain. Contact PAROTAS about your custom wood bar table or enquire about our design bar table collections.

Modern Wooden Bar Tables

PAROTAS’ wooden bar tables can be combined with a range of modern materials, such as iron, chrome, bronze and golden finishes, as well as unique techniques such as luminescence and carbonized wood. PAROTAS produces a collection of square and round bar tables, as well as custom wooden bar tables to any bar table height.

Parota wood is unique in its distinctive grain and texture, as well as being a relatively light hardwood due to its rapid growth, at almost half the dried weight of oak. This gives PAROTAS’ bar tables the aesthetic advantages of an exotic hardwood, yet the benefit of being light-weight for moving around. The large size of the parota tree makes it a sustainable resource for large bar, cafe, restaurant or home design projects, as well as single-piece, large wooden bar tables up to several meters long.

The unique blend of oils used to finish our wooden bar tables is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Using natural oils maintains the wood’s natural moderate lustre with low maintenance, as well as being a safer product for the environment.

Wooden Bar Tables

Wood Bar Tops

Wooden Bar Tables and Stools

Using natural wood cuts for bar top tables adds a simplistic yet compelling feature to modern bar, cafe, restaurant and home designs. Wood bar tops with live edge wood give contractors and designers more room to incorporate parota’s two-tone colouring, including the creamy sapwood that is impressively demarcated from the golden-brown heartwood.

Bar Tables & Stools

Contractors, architects and home designers can conceputalize modern bar, cafe and restaurant tables combined with PAROTAS’ sleek collections of wooden stools. PAROTAS uses contemporary design elements to create a range of wood and metal bar tables and stools, which can ordered in a variety of metal colours.

We can produce custom bar tables and stools, as well as individual and multiple orders from our collections of wooden benches and wooden stools, which can be adapted to any bar table design.

Wooden Bar Tables, Sustainably Sourced

The parota tree – also known as guanacaste – grows relatively quick and abundantly in the tropical climates of Mexico and Central America, making it a sustainable resource for large-scale design projects and long wooden bar tables up to several meters. Sustainability also drives PAROTAS to ensure all wooden bar tables are produced from certified Mexican providers who operate under government environmental schemes.

Wood Bar Top

PAROTAS can produce wooden bar tables for both commercial premises and wooden home bar designs. Contact us below to enquire about design options, sizes and prices. PAROTAS works with contractors, architects and home designers during the entire production process to ensure our wooden bar tables meet exact specifications.

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