custom wood outdoor furniture

Wood Decor & Design Objects

PAROTAS’ wood decor and design objects are simplistic in their focus on parota’s striking wood grain. Incorporating minimal design concepts with organic elements enables our designers to conceptualize stunning wood decor.

Contractors, architects and home designers can also contact PAROTAS to produce custom wood designs, including custom-made wood wall decor incorporating parota’s iconic two-tone colouring.
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Modern Wood Decor & Design

Parota’s distinctive and textured grain is elegantly highlighted in our modern wood decor and design objects. Design objects can also be created from parota’s intricate root structure to create one-of-a-kind wood art sculptures.

PAROTAS brings contemporary elements to their wooden design objects by incorporating solid wood with elements such as iron, chrome, bronze and golden finishes, and unique techniques such as luminescence and carbonized wood.

PAROTAS finishes their wood decor with a unique blend of natural oils. This highlights the wood’s moderately natural lustre and creates a matte finish that is easy to maintain, besides being safer for the environment.

Design Objects with Parota Wood

Parota wood is known for its unique two-tone compilation, with its creamy sapwood spectacularly demarcated from the golden-brown heartwood. Using nature’s patterns as an inspiration, contractors and home designers can conceptualize one-of-a-kind wood decor. PAROTAS also works with contractors, architects and designers to realize large-scale wood decor objects or wood design projects.

Wood Decor

Custom Wood Wall Decor

The parota tree is known for reaching extraordinary sizes in a relatively quick time. This makes it easier to sustainably realize large wood wall decor or wood design projects. Additionally, parota’s growth properties make it a lighter, less dense wood – almost half the dried weight of oak – making it ideal for conceptualizing hanging wood wall decor.

Parota’s large size also attributes to extraordinary branch systems and root structures, increasing the intricacy of knots and grain patterns to create visually intrguing natural art pieces.

Wooden Objects, Sustainably Sourced

Sustainability is important to PAROTAS and drives us to produce design objects and wood decor only using certified wood, produced by Mexican providers working under governmental environment schemes. The parota tree – known as guanacaste – thrives in the humid and tropical zones of Mexico and Central America. This exotic hardwood is commonly used in reforestation projects and not listed as a threatened species.


PAROTAS produces modern collections of design objects and wood decor that can be adjusted to any measurement, besides working with contractors and home designers to visualize their wood design projects. Parotas provides a door-to-door service, communicating with contractors and designers at each step of the process to ensure the best quality and outcome for each project.

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