Design Ideas For Modern Parota Wood Furniture

Parota wood furniture is becoming trendier as designers find ways to incorporate its unique coloring and grain patterns into modern designs. It has been typically used for rustic parota furniture, however, the bold colors perfectly compliment minimalistic concepts. Below we show some examples of modern parota wooden furniture to inspire your own home design.

Modern Parota Wood Furniture

Parota wood furniture can be prepared using single slabs or cut wood, both of which show parota’s bold grain patterns. The choice will largely depend on what size parota furniture you want, and what parota wood furniture is available for sale in your area.

Parota primarily grows in Mexico and Central America. In these humid environments, the parota tree reaches relatively large sizes meaning you can generally find larger natural slabs than other woods, such as oak. However, with parota’s rise in popularity in recent years, larger slabs are becoming harder to find and prices have increased.

PAROTAS specializes in custom fine furniture using parota wood from Mexico. We incorporate modern design and sustainable practices in all of our wooden furniture collections. Parota’s striking wood grain creates unique wooden furniture, which is highlighted with our blend of natural oils.

modern parota furniture design

modern parota wood furniture designs

Artisan Parota Wood Furniture

At PAROTAS, we create artisan parota wood furniture, using minimal design to bring attention to the natural features of the wood. Contact us to see what slabs we have available for your artisan furniture ideas.

modern parota wood furniture

artisan parota wood furniture

Is Parota Wood Good for Furniture?

Parota is a fast-growing tree, making the density lighter than other exotic woods. This makes it a great wood for creating large parota furniture.

Like most wood types, parota must be well dried and properly treated to avoid splitting and termites. Many parota wood suppliers do not prepare the wood properly, causing warping, bowing, or bug infestation later on. For these reasons, it is important to choose your parota furniture from a reputable provider.

Parota is slightly softer than some other exotic and tropical hardwoods, so for high-use areas such as a kitchen bench, you might opt for a harder or more durable finishing, such as polyethylene.

The characteristics of Parota are similar to redwood, so look for parota furniture with high-quality carpentry as screws don’t hold as well as glue.

parota wood furniture metal legs

parota wood furniture with glass

Is Parota Wood Good for Outdoor Furniture?

All outdoor wood furniture needs regular maintenance and protection as sunlight damages wood over time. As parota has a natural lustre, this makes it ideal for using a natural finishings which you can reapply at home and bring back the bold colors. You can use a variety of water-based and solvent-based topcoats on Parota.

parota wood furniture patios

artisan parota wood furniture

Where to Buy Parota Furniture Collections

At PAROTAS, we specialize in custom parota wood furniture, sourcing natural slabs from certified regions in Mexico. Contact PAROTAS about your parota furniture project.

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