Types of Wood For Your Furniture

We work with Mexican national woods and with other imported types of wood. You can choose the wood that you like best for your custom furniture.

Mexican Woods

Parota Wood

Madera de parota

Madera de Parota

Enterolubioum Cyclocarpum – Elefant Ear – Guanacaste

Parota Wood is as beautiful as it is difficult to work because of its irregular thread, which adds more value to the furniture made with this wood. Its color properties, warm golden honey and coffee tones, as well as the sinuous pattern of its veins make parota wood one of the most requested by our clients. Highly resistant to humidity, moderately resistant to attack by fungi and termites. Medium weight semi-hard wood. The sapwood of colors, white, light yellow and gray.

Tzalam Wood

Madera de tzalam
Lysiloma Bahamensis – Mexican Walnut

Tzalam wood is hard and offers a very good finish, especially for outdoor furniture. Its incredible tonality, very similar to American walnut, makes this wood an ideal material for fine furniture. Wood is heavy, strong, and resistant. Its heartwood is lustrous, with faded reddish lines, clearly different from the white sapwood. Its grain is rectilinear.

Rosa Morada

Madera de Rosa Morada o Roble Mexicano
Tabeuia Rosea – Mexican Oak

The Rosa Morada wood has a somewhat pinkish coffee-au-lait heartwood, has little marked growth rings, and a soft texture. It is a wood with a very attractive feathery grain. For use in fine furniture and decorative objects or musical instruments.

Imported Woods

Beech Wood

Madera de Haya Alemana - PAROTAS maderas
Fagus Grandifolia – Germany

The beech wood has a heartwood that is light brown and somewhat reddish in color. It has a straight grain with a closed and uniform texture. It offers very good results in furniture both in its natural tone and inked. It is a hard and strong wood, with high resistance. It is used in the manufacture of furniture and internal joinery and terrace furniture.

Ash Wood

Madera de Fresno PAROTAS
Fraxinus Americana – United States

Ash wood has an almost white color, its heartwood has shades that go from grayish brown to light brown, although it is easy for it to have yellow tones with brown veins. The grain is straight. Ash wood is ideal for light inking. This wood has excellent resistance to impact, and gives good results in bending. and turning.


Madera de Teca Exterior PAROTAS
Tectona Grandis LF – Brazil

Teak wood is has brown colors ranging from dark brown and orange to off-white. It is very resistant to the elements and is usually used for finishes and fine furniture exposed to the outside in terraces and gardens. It is one of the most valued woods for its beautiful appearance and great durability.

White Oak

Madera de encino blanco - maderas PAROTAS
Quercus Alba – United States

American White Oak has a very attractive grain, like many other oaks. The heartwood is usually very light brown in color, with medium tones in the grain, and does not present much difference from the sapwood. White Encino wood is mainly straight grain with pronounced woody rays. This wood is hard and heavy with a very low porous surface, making it very suitable for outdoor use.

American Walnut

madera de nogal americano PAROTAS
Juglans Nigra – United States

The sapwood of Hickory is creamy white and contrasts highly with its light brown and dark chocolate heartwood, occasionally with shades of purple shadows. This wood generally has a wavy or warped grain that produces very attractive patterns. Walnut has good dimensional stability. Walnut is very resistant to decay and is one of the hardest and most durable woods. It is used in the manufacture of the finest interior furniture staves and in high quality joinery.