Infographic: What Is the Most Sustainable Material for Building, Furniture or Design?

most sustainable materials

Which are the most sustainable materials to use? Designers are increasingly considering environmental aspects in their projects, finding ways to reduce their carbon footprint and make better choices when choosing sustainable materials. Today there are certifications and eco-labels to help both designers and consumers identify sustainable materials in the market. However, as eco-labels are still far from being the norm, how can you intrinsically know what is a sustainable material? Below you can find out the environmental impacts of different building, furniture and design materials.

Sustainable materials

PAROTAS has created the infographic below looking at the environmental impact of different materials commonly used in building, furniture and design projects, including plastic, concrete, metal and wood design. The answer to which is the most sustainable material may surprise you!

Most Sustainable Materials


However, the real picture of each sustainable material is much more complex, and some companies instead find ways to offset their carbon footprint in contrast to finding alternative production materials.

The energy used and pollution output can also vary depending on the material type (for example, there is a wide variety of plastics) and whether it is made from recycled or reused resources, as is common with steel, aluminium and plastic, which decreases the energy required and boosts their position as a sustainable material.

In all cases, your environmental impact can be reduced by reusing or reclaiming resources, being of the most sustainable options in design. If required to use new furniture or materials, then high quality products are the most sustainable materials, particular if you can reuse or recycle them in future.

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PAROTAS brings together carpenters, designers and architects to find sustainable ways to produce wooden furniture. Our carpenters employ specialised techniques to reduce wood waste during production, as well as re-use all offcuts and by-products. All wood is certified. You can contact PAROTAS to ask about your custom wooden furniture or design project.

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